My Approach To Counselling

Exploring our anxiety and depression holds the key to reaching the opposite and everything in between

My  counselling approach

As individuals we live a unique life and experience a unique world view. Consequently we develop ways to relate to others and even ourselves according to those world views and ways of dealing with what we confront each day. I believe strongly that exploring how we constantly try to make sense in order to engage with others can bring about considerable insight. In gaining insight into our own emotions, world views, and anxieties we also acquire a sense of freedom and clarity of the choices we have made and continue to make.

My approach to psychotherapy/counselling is based on the belief that each person brings to the session their own personal experience of what is like to be them in the world.  Consequently the encounter will be responsive to the client’s world view.

Existential therapy

As human beings we experience four levels of existence (the four worlds), physical, social, intimate and spiritual Existential therapy explores how we all uniquely make sense of others, ourselves, and the world within the four levels of existence.

In the process of exploring the client’s world view the therapist keeps an open mind and challenges the client to fully engage in a conversation that will reveal assumptions underlying more concrete beliefs.  Basically the process makes the implicit explicit.

It takes courage to engage in such process, but the benefits are a more meaningful life, a sense of purpose and a more self-determined self.

Below are some examples of areas of your life to be explored:


  • How we see and engage with the physical world for example the body, our possessions, and other material things in our lives.
  • Our desires and our rejection of certain physical or material thing we come in contact with


  • How we associate with other people, how we treat others and others treat us
  • Choices we make on how to have contact with others or avoid contact


  • How do you see yourself as a person
  • What is your relationship with yourself
  • How do you treat yourself

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